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Small Group Training

Small Group Training


Step up your game and experience the competitive “Train Like a Pro” energy in our small group training sessions. These sessions bring together the best aspects of personalized coaching and group dynamics, all infused with the intensity and focus of elite-level training.

Every session is a full-body workout designed to challenge and elevate your fitness, featuring compound movements like squats and bench presses to build strength and endurance.

Our small group setting allows for detailed attention to technique, form, and individual goals, ensuring that each participant receives the focused coaching they need to excel.

Small Group Training Options

All workouts are programmed and tracked using our dedicated app, provided to you upon signing up. This app not only guides your workouts but also helps track your progress, allowing you to see your improvements and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Join us for pre-scheduled, 1-hour sessions with a maximum of 4 participants, where you’ll harness the competitive spirit and motivation of training alongside others who share your drive. No need to organize your own group—simply book your spot via our mobile app or website and immerse yourself in the exhilarating atmosphere of Joey Sundays.

  • 12-pack: $745
  • 1x/week: $275/month
  • 2x/week: $499/month
  • 3x/week: $699/month

Train like a pro, compete like a champion, and unleash your full potential with us!

Train like a pro, train with Joey Sundays!