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College & Professional

College & Professional athletes

Built in the

Joe Taggart’s college and professional athlete programs are designed for athletes serious about taking their sports performance to the next level. Off-season training is a critical part of an athlete’s success, regardless of their level of competition. Professional and college athletes should use their off-seasons to their advantage in order to maximize their performance during the season. Programs are tailored to the individual athlete and the needs of their respective sport.

College & Professional Athletes

All-Inclusive Programs

In addition to athletic training, Joe Taggart’s off-season programs include coordination of and specialization in:

  • Housing
  • Medical evaluation and treatment
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery: Massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care
  • Mental performance

Joe works with athletes of all sports - football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, and more. Program structure may vary.

Joe’s athletes

  • Folorunso Fatauski
  • Allen Robinson III
  • O-Threeolakunle fatukasi
  • Nick Boyle
  • Greg Senat
  • Matt peart
  • Cam gill
  • KP LouisKevin Pierre-Louis
  • Demario Davis
  • Nick Williams
  • Audric EstimeNotre Dame

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