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Train Like a Pro


Working with Joey Sundays, we go beyond the physical aspects of fitness. Our unwavering commitment extends to cultivating mental resiliency and a winning mindset in all aspects of life. Embracing a ‘train like a pro’ mentality goes beyond the body; it’s about forging mental strength as well.

Over the last 10+ years we have created a unique and inclusive culture-driven environment. From our team to our members each and everyone demonstrates passion and energy for the work to be done and is not alone in doing so.

Our environment is unique and inclusive, which truly allows our members to feel a part of our fitness family while reaching their maximum health potential.

What to Expect

Experience the elite level of training with our 1:1 or small group training sessions, where we embody the “Train Like a Pro” mentality. When we say “Train Like a Pro,” we mean it.

We apply the same proven concepts and techniques used to train our professional athletes, ensuring that every session is optimized for peak performance and results.

Plus, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sweating it out alongside some of our pros, immersing yourself in an environment that fosters motivation, camaraderie, and unparalleled progress.

When you schedule a consultation with us, you’re locking in on a journey to unlock your full potential. Our process begins with a thorough physical assessment and body analysis, enabling us to fully understand your starting point and tailor a fitness lifestyle and nutritional plan specifically for you. But we don’t stop there. During this consultation, we go beyond the surface, delving into your physical goals and uncovering any mental barriers that may be hindering your progress. By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of your fitness journey, we ensure that nothing stands in the way of you reaching your full potential.

Train Like a Pro With Joey Sundays